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person to person calls

Our Automated Care Calls are a simple, reliable and effective way to make sure important things are done to ensure a person's safety and wellbeing at home.

But we also know one of the biggest challenges older and more vulnerable people face, particularly in today's COVID world, is loneliness and isolation.


We know you’re probably working really hard to provide support to your loved ones and being there for them as much as you can.


But we also know the reality of a modern care giving role is incredibly challenging – juggling many competing priorities and emotions, often at the expense of your own wellbeing.


Our Cura Connect Person to Person call service is designed to take a little pressure away from you, whilst offering heartfelt and meaningful conversations and connections for your loved ones.


Through our Person to Person calls, your loved one is contacted at times that best suit them to have a meaningful conversation, not just to remind them around task, but also to listen compassionately and converse wholeheartedly – helping tackle the risks of isolation and loneliness.


All our callers are excellent, patient communicators, dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are checked in on, listened to wholeheartedly and engaged with respectfully.


Our service is designed to support unpaid family caregivers as well as your loved ones and is a great addition to our Automated Care Call service.

Personal Care Calls can run alongside our Automated Care Calls, which can be used for simple reminders.


Mary has automated call reminders throughout the day to help remind her to take her medication, eat properly and lock the door at night.


Mary's family still worry she is feeling isolated and lonely, so arrange for her to receive regular person to person calls as well.


Mary now speaks with a member of the Cura Connect team three times a week just to chat.

love chat.png

Mary now feels much more connected to the world and really looks forward to her chats.

Call packages

bespoke call packages available, just contact us with your requirements


Connect 1


1 call per week

£24 per month

Call Center Headset


Connect 2


3 calls per week

£58 per month

Old Lady


Connect 3


1 call per day

£122 per month

Frequently asked questions

How long do calls last?

The standard call length is 10 minutes, but we can arrange longer calls on request.

How are the calls set up?

Our first step is to listen to the outcomes you wish to achieve, either for yourself or your loved ones and then complete an initial assessment. During the assessment we will seek to understand you/ your loved one a little better. For example what are your likes and dislikes, where do you need support etc... to match you with the most appropriate members of the team.

How does the service start?

If you are setting up a call on behalf of a loved one, it's really important they know to expect the call so it does not come as a surprise. Our team are trained and experienced at helping connect and put people at ease but the first call can be a slightly strange experience for your loved one if they are not expecting it.

How often are calls reviewed?

We take secure notes on every call and will review each customer every three months to make sure the call and approach is still appropriate. The notes we take can be used to spot any trends or areas of concern, which we can share with designated carers/ family members/ friends if authorised by the person receiving the calls - whether that is you or one of your loved ones.

What can the calls be used for, and what can't you do?

Our service is very flexible and we work with each customer individually to make sure it works best for them. Our person to person calls are primarily designed to help tackle loneliness and isolation. They can also be used for important reminders, but if it is just a simple reminder you or your loved one needs, our automated call service may be more appropriate.

Our callers cannot offer advice, whether financial, health or other specific guidance and we will never ask anyone to divulge any financial or personal information.

What happens if you call and no one answers?

We will agree with you the response to this situation, for example it could be for us to try again later, alert you or another family member or call a neighbour.


Will a different person call each time?

Your loved one will be assigned a primary member of the team who will make as many of the calls as possible, so they can build a more meaningful understanding and converse in a more valuable way. As it will not always be possible for this person to be available for every call, we do assign a small number of other team members who will make some of the calls from time to time.


Are your call handlers carefully selected?

Yes, all our call team are carefully selected for their patience, compassion and listening skills. They are also all subject to criminal record checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service.


Is there a minimum contract length?

No, all plans are prepaid on a monthly basis and collected via direct debit. They can be cancelled at any time.

Do you work with local authorities?

Yes, we will happily work with local authorities and other corporate and charitable partners.


What if my loved one doesn't get along with their Care Caller?

Just let us know. We'll work with you to find a match that suits you and your loved ones a little better.

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