We help  people remain at home safely, for longer, in a more fulfilling way.

how it works

We offer two types of call, automated and personal.

Automated Care Calls are performed by our secure, flexible and reliable system. They are very effective and extremely cost efficient - costing just £16.99 per month for unlimited calls. They can also be personalised to create a bespoke experience.

Our Person to Person Calls are delivered by our friendly, professional and caring team of call handlers. Our personal care calls are a brilliant solution to help tackle isolation and loneliness when physical care visits are not required.


Automated calls are great for:

  • Important reminders

  • Check ins

  • Peace of mind

£16.99 per month 

unlimited calls

person to person

Person to person calls are great for:

  • Tackling loneliness and isolation

  • Staying connected

  • Increasing wellbeing

From £19.99 per month 

no contract


"We bought the Connect telephone check-in subscription service for Mum. She's not quite at a stage where she needs someone to come and visit her every day from a task based point of view, but she was getting increasingly lonely and isolated.


It's great someone calls her for a chat every day - they really get along - and it's helpful they can also encourage Mum to take her tablets, and to eat well. They also keep me informed of any issues. I should imagine there will come a time when Mum needs more support, but for now this is an ideal, and cost effective, solution."

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"I feel safer in my own home"

Reminder and check-in calls to promote independent living